all things old school: RED DEATH - Deterrence

Monday, August 15, 2016

RED DEATH - Deterrence

Location: Washington, USA
Release: Lockin Out, 2016

Man.. I have a lot to catch up to, lots of new records/bands and not enough time (who has?). After problems with the first press, RED DEATH's debut single 7" on Lockin Out is finally out, labels 40th release. The DC scene is on fire, Permanent Exile 12" was the shit, everything Protester puts out is tremendous, not to mention Pure Digust, I.C.E., Standoff ... all with new stuff on the streets, plus newcomers in Guilt Parade, Hot Shot, etc the list is long!

Red Death keep up with the 80's influenced crossover, something between D.R.I. and Broken Bones. The title track here is their best one yet! It's fast and abrasive, all go no slow!!

[limited red vinyl still available]
[+ LP and Demo]

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