all things old school: BRAINWRECK - Evil Ways

Monday, December 1, 2014


Location: Buffalo, US
Release: Life To Live Records, 2013 (unreleased)
Artwork: Ed Repka

In the urge for more crossover? Scheduled to be released in early 2013 through Life2Live, BRAINWRECK's debut 5-song EP 'Evil Ways' never saw the light of the day! Before entering on a sudden hiatus and accomplishing the pressing of the 7" the band uploaded the songs on the web and vanished.

It seems they nearly lasted for 2 years, starting in 2011 with a powerful Demo and then recording the songs for their debut throughout 2012 along with a few live performances. They even picked master Ed Repka for the artwork, to ensure the whole 'seal of quality thrash album' package. Hence it never became an official release, some bands stole parts of this Repka's art in a crappy'n'crafty montage


thanx to pingua metalhead

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