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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SEARCH - Between The Lines

Location: New Jersey, US
Release: Revelation Records, 2017

Yo! Newest NJ hardcore band comprised of sxe veterans: Ed McKirdy / Tim McHahon (HANDS TIED), Ken Flavell (TURNING POINT) and Bill Hanily / Chris Zusi (FLOORPUNCH).

6 powerful posi driven youth crew songs, late 90's spirit! Although this could've been an Livewire release, their debut 7" came out on legendary Revelation which is heading back to the old school scene more and more on each release. Won't be a surprise to see a new Battery record there!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Release: DIY, 2016

The coolest surprise to come out of SP in the last quarter of 2016, maybe the whole year. Why? The cues taken for this project: Supertouch and Underdog introducing some needed variety in this once exciting scene. 


Sunday, February 19, 2017

WILD SIDE - Demo + Promos

Location: Toronto, Canada
Release: Toxic Mosh/Moshers Delight, 2016
Artwork: Spoiler

Just because...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MAD EXISTENCE - Self Titled 7"

Location: Richmond, USA
Release: Vinyl Conflict, 2016

Recently added to my "daily dose of fresh HC" playlist together with Headwalk, Lawgiver and True Vision is MAD EXISTENCE's latest record, a 7 minutes rager! After a taste of what would come in that 3-song Promo and a great demo they return with their best burly punk material thus far, maintaining that UK82/NYHC formula, hardcore for steadfast stompers.

As of last friday they are on a rampage with BARGE bustin' out the jam(e)s in a few selected dates around the USA.

DOWNLOAD [+ promo/demo]

damn son, where'd find this?!

Monday, August 29, 2016

TRUE VISION - Against The Grain Promo

Location: Leeds, UK
Release: Quality Control HQ, 2016

Another record Im taking off of my to-do list before this blog go into hiatus, a few remaining ones will come up during this week.

TRUE VISION belongs to the new breed of the Leeds Straight Edge featuring members in some of the finest NWOBHC bands you already luv. They play a rough kind of youthcrew boosted by late 80's NYHC influences like Side By Side, Outburst and Breakdown plus that UK82 rampant attitude.

Exclusive to this release is a cover by the great RELEASE, the other 2 tracks will be on a 7" EP that is coming next season through the successful partnership between QCHC and Painkiller Records, undoubtedly one of the coolest promos you will hear this year!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Friday, August 26, 2016

BIND - 2016 Promo

Location: Florida, USA
Release: Plead Your Case, 2016

The highly antecipated sequel to BIND's Demo finally came to light 4 months ago and for me, it exceeded the expectations! With the introduction of thrash elements into their music they added more firepower and variety to the band's arsenal. Whatever comes after this promo will most likely do some serious ruckus!

In september 23th they will be on the road promoting these new jams w/ none other than Survival Method (ex-label mates) who also has new stuff out, a true vulgar display of shreddin' west coast tour that is.

Monday, August 22, 2016

GLORY - 3 Song Promo

Location: Boston, USA
Release: Triple-B Records, 2016
Artwork: Bellosi

Newest band from Sam Triple-B with members from Death Infection and Youth Funeral. GLORY plays posi-hardcore late 80's youth crew, Wishingwell era. The demo came out just a couple of months ago with a forthcoming EP in the near future, these dudes don't waste time. A band to watch out for!

My bro Gonz caught their show last week w/ Countdown, Abuse Of Power (new single out!) and Free during The People's Tour date in Atlanta. He told me they rocked so I gave it a go, check if you havent yet!

DOWNLOAD [320kbps]

Friday, August 19, 2016

LIFE DEBT - Demo 2016

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Release: Second Guess Records, 2016
Artwork: Chad Lawson

This blog is still a thing because of bands like LIFE DEBT! A side project from dudes in Sick Machine (also share members in Crush The Demoniac), a total immersion into late 80's NYHC. That intro on the second track has busted my house down... to dust!

2nd press of the Demo tape is now available through Second Guess, a fairly new label also from Melbourne and while at it be sure to check Society's Chain new jams, play it loud and finish wreckin' the rest of your city block!


Life Debt supports a drug free and cruelty free lifestyle.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

THE SCARE - False Unity

Location: Seattle, USA
Release: Life Of Dreams, 2016

New bloods in THE SCARE (ex-Red Scare) takes cue from the second wave of north american HARDcore, nothing but raw power! Bands that come to mind are Slapshot, Brotherhood and Sheer Terror with elements of contemporary stuff like in Think I Care.

With positive reviews all over on their great 2015 Promo and amusing live performances, they gained some deserved exposure and now present False Unity, their debut 7" on Life Of Dreams Records, to be out next month! If you don't move to this, you're a living corpse.

DOWNLOAD [only their previous material]

Monday, August 15, 2016

RED DEATH - Deterrence

Location: Washington, USA
Release: Lockin Out, 2016

Man.. I have a lot to catch up to, lots of new records/bands and not enough time (who has?). After problems with the first press, RED DEATH's debut single 7" on Lockin Out is finally out, labels 40th release. The DC scene is on fire, Permanent Exile 12" was the shit, everything Protester puts out is tremendous, not to mention Pure Digust, I.C.E., Standoff ... all with new stuff on the streets, plus newcomers in Guilt Parade, Hot Shot, etc the list is long!

Red Death keep up with the 80's influenced crossover, something between D.R.I. and Broken Bones. The title track here is their best one yet! It's fast and abrasive, all go no slow!!

[limited red vinyl still available]
[+ LP and Demo]

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